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Seresco NV: Dehumidification Through Ventilation

Seresco NV: Using naturally dry outside air to remove moisture Not every project requires compressors for dehumidification. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Seresco NV: dehumidification through ventilation. The NV uses naturally dry outdoor air to remove moisture, unlike other Seresco products that use refrigeration technology to do the job. It’s also capable of providing up… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Freetown Lakeville Intermediate School | Pool Unit

Project Name: Freetown-Lakeville Intermediate School  Architect: Architectural Resources Cambridge, Inc. Mechanical Engineer: SED Associates Mechanical Contractor: Ambient Temperature, Inc.. Equipment: Pool Dehumidifier Manufacturer: Seresco Size: Seresco NP-18 Pool Dehumidification Unit. DAC Sales Engineer: Craig Ashman Project Overview: In 1994, Rick McGinley from DAC Sales designed an air-to-air dehumidification unit for the George R. Austin Intermediate School… Read more »

Large Refrigerant Charges – No More


Split DX pool dehumidifiers have huge refrigerant charges and that is an ugly liability for owners. There are solutions available today that completely make that liability go away. Montgomery County in MD was recently charged $100 per pound for R22. Imagine getting a bill for $10,000.00 to just recharge their 100 lb dehumidifier’s one circuit with… Read more »

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier – With NO Outdoor Condenser?

BREAKTHROUGH POOL DEHUMIDIFICATION DESIGN Can you build a pool dehumidification unit without a remote condenser?   Today,  the answer is YES!   Seresco  has introduced a new revolutionary design that needs no outdoor condensing unit.  This is really ingenious; complete dehumidification with cooling and no External Condensing Unit.  Yes, correct, Seresco has now developed a unit that… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Gordon College – Pool Dehumidification Unit

Project Name: Gordon College – Bennett Center Owner: Gordon College Mechanical Engineer: CSI Engineering Mechanical Contractor: Merrimack Valley Corp. Equipment: Pool Dehumidification Unit Manufacturer: Seresco Size: 24 Ton Modular 2-compressor 200 Series dehumidifier DAC Sales Engineer: Craig Ashman Gordon College – Bennett Center  The Gordon College Bennett Center is a 78,000-square-foot athletics and recreational sports… Read more »

Indoor Pool Design: Reducing Refrigerant Charge by 85%

NP Series Dehumidifiers – The Future of Dehumidification Git rid of refrigerant and get a better system. Ingenious Innovation: Seresco’s revolutionary NP or Protocol series, the biggest industry innovation in 20 years, is the future of dehumidification. In large pools, traditional dehumidifiers require a large refrigerant charge that is not just expensive, but also leads… Read more »

Indoor Pool Design: Part 4 of 4 – Energy Consumption

Ralph Kittler, VP Sales, Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents the A to Z of indoor pool design in a series of short segments that focus on key issues for engineers and architects.  Here is the final video in the series of 4. Part 4: Energy consumption is an important consideration for all the right reasons…. Read more »

Indoor Pool Design: Part 3 of 4 – Air Side Design

Ralph Kittler, VP Sales, Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents the A to Z of indoor pool design in a series of short segments that focus on key issues for engineers and architects.  Here is Part 3 in a series of 4 videos.    Part 3:  Good indoor air quality can be a challenge in an… Read more »

Fresh Air Pool Dehumidification Unit

Question: What do you get when the #1 compressorized pool dehumidifier manufacturer in the world decides to build a ventilation unit?  You get a ventilation solution designed specifically for pools — and that’s really important!  Why?  As you know, pools really are different.  If a dehumidifier is going to last, it must be able to… Read more »