Annexair HVAC Products

Annex Air

Annexair specializes in semi-custom and custom air handling equipment and systems incorporating cutting edge air-to-air energy recovery technologies.

DAC is New England’s premier source for Annexair:

  • New Biocomposite casings!
  • Packaged energy recovery air handling units
  • 100% outside air, air-cooled makeup air packaged systems
  • 100% outside air water source heat pump packaged systems
  • Variable speed air-cooled condensing units
  • Pool, ice rink and commercial dehumidification systems
Annex Air

When we talk to customers about Annexair, we talk a lot about value. Annexair air handling equipment and systems provide extremely high value for your money. Annexair systems ship complete with controls, refrigeration and three choices for heat recovery.

Annexair also offers innovative high efficiency components. Ask your sales engineer about direct-drive fans, V-3 technology, variable speed compressors, water source heat pumps and their EZ Balancer.

Annexair is the first manufacturer to offer Biocomposite units!

Annex Air

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