DAC HVAC System Design and Products for K-12 Schools

Architects, engineers, contractors and administrators working with K-12 schools know how unique the challenges of these construction and renovation projects can be. Fluctuating student populations and fluctuating budget projections make meeting the myriad of strict regulations surrounding educational facilities particularly difficult.  DAC nationally recognized HVAC system design team has the ingenuity and hands-on experience to help you succeed.

DAC creates custom, cost-effective HVAC solutions for K-12 schools navigating outside air and energy recovery mandates. After all, sustainable, energy efficient HVAC system design is what we do best. We can also help you capture LEED credits and accurately forecast HVAC system component lifecycle costs. Classrooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, indoor swimming pools … our HVAC design engineers understand how to make every space in your school work for you, so that once you get your hvac installation everything runs perfectly. Your personal DAC engineer will work closely with you, from steering your project through the complicated approval process to sourcing the specified HVAC products. No matter where you are in your K-12 school project, DAC can help you create an optimal HVAC solution that helps students learn and thrive.

If you are designing, building or renovating a K-12 school or educational environment, you should be partnering with DAC for your HVAC system design and product needs. View a list of completed DAC K-12 School projects or contact us today.