AGronomic IQ - Smart HVAC for Growth

DAC is New England’s premier source for Agronomic IQ.

Agronomic IQ sets the HVAC standard for commercial growers by taking advantage of an all-in-one grow room HVAC system to deliver the most precise temperature and humidity control in the industry, with exceptional energy efficiency.

Agronomic IQ is focused 100% on meeting the demands of large-scale commercial growers.  Their all-in-one approach to grow room environment control has taken the industry by storm, because they solve complex commercial grow room challenges better than anyone else. Their incredibly precise room control, built-in redundancy, energy efficiency, reliability and system scalability have won over many of the largest most successful multi-state operators in the industry. Why? Results speak for themselves. Their clients consistently exceed yield expectations by 30% to 50%.


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DAC is New England’s premier source for Agronomic IQ.  To learn how  Agronomic IQ can work for your project, ask your DAC sales engineer.

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