Klimor highly specialized air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems

Standard and highly specialized air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems designed for the land and offshore markets

DAC is New England’s premier source for Klimor  Advanced Air Conditioning and Ventilation Solutions.

Klimor’s offer is based on the extensive range of modern air conditioning and ventilation units designed for any kind of commercial and industrial applications as well as for different types of residential buildings.

  • Commercial Solutions: office and residential buildings, sport facilities, shopping malls
  • Public Utility Facilities: government buildings, universities, museums
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry: hospitals, laboratories
  • Industry Plants incl. High Humidity Facilities: warehouses, technical rooms,indoor swimming pools, production plants
  • Maritime Industry: ships, boats

Klimor recently introduced their brand new product line, Klimor EVO.  Klimor EVO is a series of modular air handling units for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling low pressure and high pressure systems.  Check out the following video:

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