Annexair Unveils First Ever Biocomposite Ventilation Unit

Recycled plastic water bottles promotes sustainable air conditioning!

Annexair has unveiled a brand-new eco-friendly ventilation system: a Biocomposite central air unit made of recycled plastic water bottles!

The Biocomposite unit was unveiled during the Expo AHR in Orlando, Florida, and will be competitively priced on the HVAC market. This new product was thoughtfully designed in-house after seven years of R&D and provides many benefits to commercial building owners who care about the environment, for those who are planning on getting this system installed, then make sure you get some wire mesh to place as a filter on your new unit.

  • Operating this unit would reduce the greenhouse gas effect by about 85% compared to conventional steel units;
  • Not only is it 100% recyclable and good for the environment, this Biocomposite casing does not require any metal components;
  • The Biocomposite resin is fire-resistant, has no impact on the environment nor on the human health;
  • The Biocomposite casing consumes less energy, is sustainable and fully resistant to corrosion and rust;
  • As the casing is 50% to 60% lighter than conventional units, it means less weight on building structures and during transportation;
  • The unit should generally last 50 to 60 years, and even longer if well maintained;

“The year 2020 is pivotal for the Annexair team and also for our entire industry,” said François Lemieux, Annexair president. “We can no longer ignore the devastating effects of climate change. That’s why we believe in a renewed business model that can meet the requirements of the North American market.”

The experts at Annexair reckon that in one year they would recover approximately 30 million recycled plastic bottles for the assembly of their units. In order to meet their business objectives in terms of sustainability, Annexair will also halt production of their steel HVAC units in 2021. The new unit, produced in Drummondville, Canada, will be available starting August 2020.

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