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Amherst College Science Center | Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System

Project Name: Amherst College Science Center  Architect: Payette Associates Inc. Mechanical Engineer: Van Zelm Engineers Mechanical Contractor: Harry Grodsky & Company Equipment: Glycol Energy Recovery System with 20 AHU coils, 16 HRU Coils and Steam Humidifier Manufacturer: Konvekta DAC Sales Engineer: Rich Clarke Project Overview: During the past 15 years, enrollment in STEM classes increased… Read more »

Case Study – Swegon Chilled Beams | Astra Zeneca, Waltham, MA

Swegon teams with Astra Zeneca to create a showcase project.    A PARASOL case study where the many advantages of four-way air distribution convinced AstraZeneca to go for our ground-breaking comfort modules instead of the conventional two-way air distribution of chilled beams. New technology often requires two equally committed partners. The first is the developer… Read more »

Ask Rick: Chilled Beams | Are drain pans required?

Q.   As I read the Mechanical Code, Paragraph 307.2 Evaporators and cooling coils: “Condensate drain systems shall be provided for all equipment and appliances containing evaporators or cooling coils.” I am not aware of any exceptions for chilled beams. What is the latest on this? This is a good question that is being asked… Read more »

Chilled Beams | Now with Demand Controlled VAV

Chilled Beams vs. Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes.  This is a debate that is still raging here in the US.  We have seen a number of applications that use both.  In the cases, where a VAV box is installed with a active chilled beam, the designer needs to be careful to set a minimum  turndown… Read more »