Konvekta Pumped Glycol Run Around Energy Recovery Systems


Get more than a custom high efficiency HVAC system. Get a partner in energy recovery and performance with Konvekta.

DAC is New England’s premier source for Konvekta high efficiency pumped glycol run-around energy recovery systems:

  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic modules; complete pumping packages
  • Complete System Controls
  • Guaranteed Performance and savings


KonvektaFamily owned, research driven and forward thinking, Konvekta is the only supplier of high efficiency pumped glycol run-around energy recovery systems in the world. Konvekta offers complete systems – high performance heat exchangers, energy recovery system controls and hydraulic assembly. They also provide remote monitoring and service, a stellar warranty and a guarantee of both performance and savings. We appreciate Konvekta’s cutting edge approach to technology and their traditional approach to customer service.  Konvekta systems now qualify for significant energy rebates from Eversource and NGrd.

Looking for a 70 – 90+% energy recovery effectiveness and the best product payback? Talk to DAC about Konvekta. Our engineers can’t wait to tell you how Konvekta’s systems are both the easiest to retrofit into an existing HVAC system and the most flexible to incorporate into new applications.

Contact us to learn more about Konvekta HVAC systems today.

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