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Chilled Beams vs. Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes.  This is a debate that is still raging here in the US.  We have seen a number of applications that use both.  In the cases, where a VAV box is installed with a active chilled beam, the designer needs to be careful to set a minimum  turndown on the VAV box (typically 50 to 60%).  Turning the beam below this point decreases nozzle velocity and in turn impedes induction.  At this point the system fails to work as designed.  We think it’s a good idea to combine VAV with active chilled beams.  There can be an additional savings of 15 to 20% depending on the application.   That’s worth it.   Problem is, till now, there has been no effective way to make it happen.

ADAPT Parasol

Swegon ADAPT Parasol

Good News:  Swegon has unveiled the new ADAPT Parasol – the first chilled beam with built in variable air volume.  This product has been available for quite some time in Europe.  Now it’s available in the US.  Combining the energy savings capabilities of water-based cooling and variable air volume, plus the outstanding comfort of Swegon’s comfort module technology, ADAPT Parasol is also the first plug-and-play chilled beam, featuring built-in controls.   Features include choice of sequence of operations, built-in temperature and occupancy sensors, condensation protection, modulating valves and dampers.

Things we like best:

  1. Combined functionality of a VAV box, Chilled Beam and ATC controller built into a single package for complete demand control ventilation (VAV turndown) – only chilled beam to offer this. This combination can save up to 30% more energy than VAV boxes alone and 20% more energy than standard chilled beams.
  2. Comes standard in a 4-way blow Active Beam, which has greater capacity than 2 way chilled beams and can result in 30% fewer modules needed on a project.
  3. Has an on board Controller that manages demand control VAV. Can use occupancy sensor (included), CO2 sensor input or both.

Swegon has a complete online Web-based software for easy dimensioning and selection of room products. Finally, a more effective and easier way to couple chilled beams with VAV.

Downloads: ADAPT Parasol Design Catalog

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