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Seresco NV: Dehumidification Through Ventilation

Seresco NV: Using naturally dry outside air to remove moisture Not every project requires compressors for dehumidification. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Seresco NV: dehumidification through ventilation. The NV uses naturally dry outdoor air to remove moisture, unlike other Seresco products that use refrigeration technology to do the job. It’s also capable of providing up… Read more »

AGronomics IQ’s Evolution Series for Grow Rooms

AGronomic IQ’s best selling unit, the Evolution Series is the ultimate solution for grow rooms. Designed from the ground up, AGronomic IQ’s Evolution Series provides a highly effective and efficient environment control solution for most grow rooms. We can also provide the air conditioning repair service for this type of unit. It also comes in… Read more »

Adiabatic Humidifiers – Now OK for Hospitals

High Pressure Humidification Spray

ASHRAE regulation 170-2013 has been updated with an addendum, which changes the requirements on the technology needed to humidify hospital environments, allowing the use of adiabatic humidifiers. Historically, humidification in hospitals and particularly in operating rooms has almost always been provided by isothermal humidifiers, which produce steam. Steam is notoriously a natural disinfectant, as most pathogens are immediately… Read more »

Ask Rick: How does a high pressure atomizing humidifier work?

High Pressure Humidification Spray

Q.  How does a high pressure atomizing humidifier work? A.   Atomizing humidifiers like the Carel humiFog systems utilize a high pressure (1,000 psi) pumping system to pressurize treated water and pump it to atomizing nozzles.  The nozzles then reduce the water jet into a very fine water droplet (10-20 microns).  Due to the fine droplet… Read more »

Ask Rick: What is adiabatic humidification?

Q.  What is adiabatic humidification? A.  There are two basic ways to introduce moisture into air: Isothermal Humidification –  the water vapor is dispersed in the air after having been created by boiling water.  Isothermal humidification requires an external source of energy to change the state of the water.  In the commercial HVAC world Isothermal… Read more »

Steam Humidification | Energy Efficient – Short Absorption Steam Humidification

Carel introduces ultimateSAM a new energy-efficient steam dispersion system “SAM” – Short Absorption Module Energy efficiency:  Insulated models are standard,  minimizing heat gain and condensate formation. Short not-wetting distance:  Minimized steam absorption distance thanks to uniform distribution along the entire height of the uprights. Price Competitive:  Lean manufacturing makes for very cost competitive pricing. Download… Read more »