Three Key Advantages of AGronomic IQ’s Dry Coolers

AGronomic IQ’s dry coolers eliminate refrigerant leaks in grow rooms.

What you may not know about grow rooms is that a refrigerant leak can kill the entire crop in under 24 hours, so it’s really important to minimize the risk of that ever happening. 

Agronomic IQ virtually eliminates the risk by using its proprietary dry coolers as the outdoor heat rejection devices. They offer the ultimate in redundancy and scalability for customers, allowing you to place one, two or 20 (or more!) in one job to meet the demands of the facility. 

Here are three big advantages to Agronomic IQ’s dry coolers:

They save money

AGronomic IQ’s dry coolers have many elements that are attractive to potential customers, but one is undoubtedly their ability to save money. Because they use glycol as their coolant, refrigerant charge is dramatically decreased. You can also use PVC to virtually eliminate on-site refrigerant work, cutting installation costs. Finally, the dry cooler couples with their patent-pending economizer cooler, saving more than 30% in energy costs in cool climates!

They’re good for the environment – and the crop

Environmental stewardship is something we know customers in the indoor agriculture market care very deeply about. That’s why they love that AGronomic IQ’s dry coolers don’t use environmentally-harmful coolant. As well, their equipment virtually eliminates the risk of a plant-killing refrigerant leak! 

Superior cooling even in winter

Agronomic IQ’s dry coolers do not suffer from low-ambient concerns which plague the air-cooled condensers found in conventional split DX systems. This industry is unique by requiring 100% cooling capacity in the dead of the winter – AGronomic IQ’s dry cooler units have no problems providing it!

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