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It’s all in the numbers.

Look at the cost differences listed below for typical humidification systems.

Humidification Choices Cost Comparison









There it is.  It’s pretty simple.  Even if these numbers from a leading manufacturer are off by a factor of 10 (or even 100),  it still makes complete sense to evaluate high pressure water humidification as an alternative.  Why wouldn’t you. 

Maybe it needs to be shown differently.

Humidification Choices Cost Comparison Graph









Looks even more compelling in this view.  

A typical high pressure system consists of a high pressure pump, delivering demineralized water at 1,000 psi to a series of stainless steel nozzles creating a fine, uniform mist.  The droplets created evaporate spontaneously to humidify the air.  The typical control system combines the action of an inverter, which controls the pump flow-rate, and a series of solenoid valves that activate only the nozzles required.  Controls ensure the system always operates at the optimum pressure to atomize the water, over a wide range of flow-rates.

The biggest advantage of high-pressure water atomizing humidifier is operating costs (See Above).   A typical high-pressure system uses one horsepower for every 500 lbs. of water. That’s equal to about three percent of the energy usage of a compressed air system and about one percent of the energy usage of a steam system. Pennies on the dollar.

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