Ask Rick: How does a high pressure atomizing humidifier work?

Q.  How does a high pressure atomizing humidifier work?

High Pressure Humidification Spray

A.   Atomizing humidifiers like the Carel humiFog systems utilize a high pressure (1,000 psi) pumping system to pressurize treated water and pump it to atomizing nozzles.  The nozzles then reduce the water jet into a very fine water droplet (10-20 microns).  Due to the fine droplet size the water can easily change its state into a vapor.  The energy required for this transformation in state is provided by the ambient air.

There is a decrease in temperature which may be useful in many applications (adiabatic transformation).

High Pressure Humidification GridA packaged control system controls the speed of the pump via a variable frequency drive and consequently the flow-rate of the pump.  The controller activates a series of solenoid valves that open only the nozzles that are necessary, allowing the system to always operate at the ideal pressure to atomize the water, across a wide range of flow-rates.



High Pressure Humidification Panel

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