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Project Snapshot: Amalie Arena – Home to the Tampa Bay Lightning

Project Name:   Amalie Arena Tower Air Handling Unit Replacement Location:   Tampa Bay, Florida Project type, building type:   Sports Complex Equipment:  Wrap Around dehumidification heat Pipes Manufacturer:  Heat Pipe Technology Engineering challenges Before Heat Pipe Technology’s involvement, the arena’s ice quality was ranked near the bottom among NHL arenas. This was largely due to the Tampa… Read more »

Major Cost Savings | Hospitals using Heat Pipes

Hospital Recovers Energy Without Risk of Supply Air Contamination The Challenge Hospitals provide an enormous opportunity for energy recovery due to their 24/7/365 operations. Energy from the exhaust air stream can be recovered in the winter and summer to precool or preheat supply air to the hospital and save a lot of energy dollars in the… Read more »

Cost Savings with Passive Dehumidifier Heat Pipes

Puerto Rican-Based Pharmaceutical Facilities See Dramatic Energy Cost Savings with Passive Dehumidifier Heat Pipes Pharmaceutical production is popular in many tropical locations because of regulatory, tax, and labor-cost benefits. Yet many of the benefits can be easily negated if a production facility doesn’t properly mitigate high humidity, an environmental feature that comes part and parcel… Read more »

5 Benefits of Using Wrap Around Heat Pipes

The wrap around heat pipe is a heat pipe wrapped around a cooling coil.  It consists of two sections, the pre-cool section placed before the cooling coil and the reheat section placed after the reheat coil.  The wrap around heat pipe eliminates the need for reheat and increases the dehumidifying capacity of an air conditioner… Read more »

Energy Recovery Heat Pipes | 5 Advantages of using Heat Pipes for Air-To-Air Energy Recovery

We have choices in equipment that we can select for air to air energy recovery applications, we even have the best options for Geothermal Heating and Air systems.  Here are 5 advantages that Heat Pipes offer; Energy Recovery Heat Pipes Features 1.  Passive Operation No energy input is required to operate the Heat Pipes. There… Read more »

Ask Rick: Control for Wrap Around Heat Pipes

Ask Rick Question:  I am considering putting in a wrap around heat pipe to reduce cooling tonnage and provide reheat.  Is there a way that I can control the heat pipe to reduce reheat?   The Wrap Around Heat Pipe (or Dehumidification Heat Pipe) is used in lots of applications where reheat is typically used. … Read more »

Project Snapshot: Field Erected Heat Pipe System

Project Name: East Boston Stadium HVAC Improvements Engineer: Engineered Systems, Inc. Contractor: P.J. Kennedy and Sons Equipment: Passive Heat Pipe Energy Recovery Module Manufacturer: Heat Pipe Technology DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman Project Highlights:   Existing Conditions:  Football is a proud tradition in East Boston and funding was raised to replace original and antiquated HVAC equipment… Read more »