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Project Snapshot: Millipore Research and Development | Energy Recovery Air Handling Unit

Project: Millipore R&D Building Location: Bedford,  MA Engineer: Parsons Contractor: Turner Construction Company Manufacturer: Strobic Air, Cambridgeport, Heat Pipe Technology Equipment: Energy Recovery Air Handling Units Size: (4) 30,000 CFM Units DAC Sales Engineer: Jim Shiminski  Project Challenge:     This was a new building project.  The engineer, owner and contractor were all looking to create a… Read more »

Pool Dehumidification | Why use a Fresh Air Pool Dehumidification System?

Pool Dehumidification The function of a pool dehumidification system is to maintain the room humidity level at a point below the dewpoint of any surface in the building.  This prevents condensation and deterioration of the building structure you can avoid these type of problems by choosing softeners for well water. There are typically two ways… Read more »