Project Snapshot: Field Erected Heat Pipe System

Project Name: East Boston Stadium HVAC Improvements
Engineer: Engineered Systems, Inc.
Contractor: P.J. Kennedy and Sons
Equipment: Passive Heat Pipe Energy Recovery Module
Manufacturer: Heat Pipe Technology
DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman

Project Highlights:  

Heat Pipe for East Boston StadiumExisting Conditions:  Football is a proud tradition in East Boston and funding was raised to replace original and antiquated HVAC equipment in the Stadium.  6800 CFM was going to be required to meet ventilation rates for the offices, locker rooms, showers and other spaces.   A boiler upgrade was also part of the project.  The mechanical space had a small man entry and an awkward shape.  A floor cut of the concrete was agreed on and the engineer tried to select a Packaged Energy Recovery Unit that would fit.  The floor access could not be cut large enough to rig a packaged unit and a custom field erect unit was not in the budget. 

HPT - Psyc ChartThe Solution:  Engineered Systems, Inc. (ESI) selected a supply and exhaust fan to move the required air.   David Goodman from DAC Sales sized and selected a passive Heat Pipe Energy Recovery Module and 5 Hot Water reheat coils, the largest to be located after the Heat Pipe in the mechanical space.  The Heat Pipe selected was 120”L X 40”H – 6 Row – 12 FPI.   The Heat Pipe, Hot Water Coil and filters were connected to the fans with simple ducting connections.  All these parts were chain fall lifted through the new access hole and field assembled according to the plans. 

The Results:  The Heat Pipe greatly reduced the new boiler sizing and energy consumption.   283,000Btu’s/hr. were saved at design conditions.  A by-pass damper was also included to provide frost protection on very cold days.

Heat Pipe for EBSHeat Pipe for EBS






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