Seresco NV: Dehumidification Through Ventilation

Seresco NV: Using naturally dry outside air to remove moisture
Not every project requires compressors for dehumidification. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Seresco NV: dehumidification through ventilation.

The NV uses naturally dry outdoor air to remove moisture, unlike other Seresco products that use refrigeration technology to do the job. It’s also capable of providing up to 70,000 CFM supply air, making it a good fit for lots of different applications.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Plenty of airflow — approximately 4,000 to 70,000 CFM of supply air.
  • Automatically adjusts outdoor air usage for best possible conditions and lowest cost, using CommandCenter® control system.
  • Save money on outdoor air pre-heat during cold weather with heat recovery through a highly efficient glycol runaround loop.
  • Auxiliary heat options, including gas Residential Furnace Replacement Service for packaged unit needs.
  • Sensible cooling is possible with a chilled water hookup.

Let’s take a look at some application examples for the NV.

Dry Climates
Any pool facility in a dry climate is a candidate for the NV because it can maintain space conditions for a higher percentage of the year, simply by using the air outdoors to ventilate the natatorium.

Indoor Water Parks
These facilities, with their great expanses of water coupled with lots of patrons and plenty of splashing, are often too much for traditional dehumidifiers to handle. The NV can handle this load while satisfying the facility’s excessive outdoor air requirements because of the large number of patrons.

Where Control Isn’t Everything
The NV is great for bringing in lots of outdoor air, but during extreme conditions that isn’t enough to control the conditions of the space without additional treatment of the air.

But what if it’s not an issue?

A facility, for example, may have a retractable roof and French doors that can open when it’s very hot and humid out to turn into an outdoor pool. When it does that, the unit is off and the owner has given up control of the space.

In situations like this, the NV is fine for the cooler parts of the year where it has an easier time maintaining conditions.

While it works best in dry climates, the NV can be used anywhere – as long as its limitations are understood.

Pros and Cons to Remember
The NV presents a lower upfront cost than a compressorized unit. Additionally, it needs less electricity to run as there are no compressors, so facilities in places where electricity is very expensive or in short supply (like remote areas) may also find this product attractive. The lack of compressors or refrigeration system also means maintenance is simpler and less expensive.

However, facilities with ventilation-only units typically expend more on energy costs. This is because a compressor unit uses a minimum of outdoor air and recycles energy into the pool water and into the air. A ventilation unit throws that away and brings in a modulating amount of fresh air — you must heat the air and the water (the NV comes standard with a glycol runaround loop for cold air pre-heat, to reduce these costs.)

The Bottom Line
The NV has many benefits, applicable to specific situations. When looking at the NV, it’s a good idea to understand the costs and the benefits between choosing it over a refrigeration-type dehumidifier.

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