Seresco: R3 Module Now Available for 2-16 Ton Units

Seresco R3 Module Now Available for 2-16 Ton Units

The innovative R3 Module from Seresco has been expanded and can now be selected for any Compact NE Series unit from 2–16 tons.

The R3 Module is an excellent choice for small applications such as many hotels and small rec facilities. You can get great, exclusive features like an evaporative condenser with no outdoor heat exchanger, an exhaust (or supply booster) fan, and a titanium full-flow pool water heater and even a gas water heater installation!

Here’s a look at how some of these features deliver great value.

  • Evaporative Condenser
    The R3 Module can reject heat via an evaporative condenser inside the exhaust airstream, by spraying cold condensate on the condenser coil to create an adiabatic cooling effect. This is a huge reduction in installation costs because there is now no need to locate a spot for an outdoor heat exchanger, neither is there a need to run lines to it.The evaporate condenser also offers improved cooling performance in even the most extreme conditions, as the air-on temperature will be the same as room conditions, even as a heatwave blazes on outdoors.
  • Titanium Pool Water Heater
    One of the biggest features of the R3 Module is its full-flow, titanium water heater. Impervious to corrosion, this new heater is a vast improvement over the old design. It’s never been easier to set up, as the heater can take 100% of the flow from the filter and return 100% of the flow into the pool. There is no need for complicated piping with booster pumps and extra valves. Just cut the water line and send it all into the R3 Module.Because it can take full flow, we now have the ability to reject 100% of heat into the pool water instead of wasting surplus heat by rejecting it to the outdoors. Not only that but we modulate the pool water heat as well!
  • Unit-Mounted Fan
    The R3 Module can add an exhaust fan for up to 2,200 CFM at one-inch external static pressure, using an EC motor and a motorized exhaust damper to prevent back draft. Alternatively, that fan can be repurposed as a booster fan for additional supply airflow of up to 2,000 CFM.

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