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Project Snapshot: Equinox Fitness – Pool Dehumidification Unit

Project Name: Equinox Fitness – Chestnut Hill Owner: Equinox Fitness Mechanical Engineer: RDK Engineers  Mechanical Contractor: Cox Engineering Company Equipment: Pool Dehumidification Unit Manufacturer: Seresco Size: 8 Ton Compressor Dehumidifier DAC Sales Engineer: Jim Shiminski    Equinox Fitness – Chestnut Hill, MA   Equinox Fitness is a luxury fitness company with its national headquarters in New… Read more »

Indoor Pool Design: Part 2 of 4 – Load Calculation

Ralph Kittler, VP Sales, Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents the A to Z of indoor pool design in a series of short segments that focus on key issues for engineers and architects.  Here is Part 2 in a series of 4 videos.   Part 2:  Controlling humidity to provide a stable dew point condition year… Read more »

Pool Unit Design: WebSentry – 24/7 Factory Monitoring

Dave Lucas, President and Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents WebSentry –  24/7 Factory Monitoring & Protection.   This is an awesome feature.  In today’s world,  if we can remotely turn on and off our home HVAC system, why can’t we connect factories directly with their equipment?   The technology is coming;  these guys are way ahead… Read more »

Pool Dehumidification | Pool Load Data Sheet

Pool dehumidification unit replacement is a large and growing business.  Pool environments are very harsh and mechanical dehumidification systems have a typical lifespan of about 10 years.  Building owners looking to replace equipment typically can provide model numbers, CFM capacities and like information.  That is all good but it’s always important to start fresh on… Read more »

Pool Dehumidification | Why use a Fresh Air Pool Dehumidification System?

Pool Dehumidification The function of a pool dehumidification system is to maintain the room humidity level at a point below the dewpoint of any surface in the building.  This prevents condensation and deterioration of the building structure you can avoid these type of problems by choosing softeners for well water. There are typically two ways… Read more »