Indoor Pool Design: Reducing Refrigerant Charge by 85%

NP Series Dehumidifiers – The Future of Dehumidification

Git rid of refrigerant and get a better system.

Ingenious Innovation: Seresco’s revolutionary NP or Protocol series, the biggest industry innovation in 20 years, is the future of dehumidification. In large pools, traditional dehumidifiers require a large refrigerant charge that is not just expensive, but also leads to system migration challenges that can impact compressor reliability.

Solves Traditional Challenges: Traditional refrigerant split systems also severely restrict in distance between the unit and its remote condenser. Our ingenious NP Series overcomes both of these issues and more, through the use of a water/glycol mix as a secondary heat exchange fluid. Moreover, our NP Series also provides superior humidity control, exceptional reliability and lower operating costs, with as little as 1/6th the traditional refrigerant charge.

High Capacity Dehumidification: For applications requiring from 100 to 1000 lbs. per hour of moisture removal or 6,800 CFM to 70,000 CFM of air handling, our NP series beats the competition hands down – in every design consideration, every time! The NP series is also designed to integrate with and provide maximize performance with the Paddock Evacuator chloramine removal system.

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