Fresh Air Pool Dehumidification Unit

Jeff Brown VideoQuestion: What do you get when the #1 compressorized pool dehumidifier manufacturer in the world decides to build a ventilation unit? 

You get a ventilation solution designed specifically for pools — and that’s really important!  Why?  As you know, pools really are different.  If a dehumidifier is going to last, it must be able to handle the harsh chemical environments that pools create.  It also has to maintain absolutely consistent space conditions while being as energy efficient as possible – regardless of outdoor conditions. 

Fact: NOBODY does this better than Seresco with our NV Series!

Check out this video Geoff Brown made to show you all the details… see why Seresco builds the best ventilation unit available – anywhere!

NV Series Unit highlights include…

  • Compact corrosion-resistant heat recovery designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency without risk of freezing
  • Highest efficiency heat recovery in the industry
  • The industry’s most compact and lightweight cabinet for both outdoor and indoor installations
  • Modulating control to ensure best possible space conditions while using the least amount of energy
  • Mechanical vestibule outside the air stream makes servicing a breeze and protects critical components from corrosion

And lots more…  NV Series from Seresco
NV Series Brochure

All Seresco Units, including the NV Series, some standard with Web Sentry – 24/7 Factory Monitoring

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