Indoor Pool Dehumidifier – With NO Outdoor Condenser?


Can you build a pool dehumidification unit without a remote condenser?  

Today,  the answer is YES!   Seresco  has introduced a new revolutionary design that needs no outdoor condensing unit.  This is really ingenious; complete dehumidification with cooling and no External Condensing Unit.  Yes, correct, Seresco has now developed a unit that is a complete package providing dehumidification and cooling all in one indoor unit.

Optional R3 Expansion Module Advantages

    • Mounts underneath NE Series main unit, adds only 20 inches in height. Can be shipped separately
    • Exhaust fan option provides up to 2200 CFM (depending on the model) at 1” external static pressure with an EC motorized blower to ensure the room is under negative pressure, complete with motorized exhaust damper to prevent backdraft. (No need for a separate exhaust fan)
    • Optional full A/C capacity with NO OUTDOOR CONDENSER (using an evaporative condenser in the exhaust airstream). No site refrigeration work and reduces refrigerant charge by up to 80%
    • Corrosion-proof titanium and PVC full-flow pool water heater pipes directly in the main pool circulating loop, providing a simple pool water heating solution and saving the customer money
  • Units with hot water auxiliary air heating can have an auxiliary pool water heat exchanger installed and piped in the R3 Module, greatly reducing installation cost and complexity
  • Units with the R3 Module will benefit from our partial economizer control sequence
  • Parallel booster fan for additional airflow up to 2000 CFM, in place of the exhaust fan (contact factory for details)
  • Summary:

    • NO OUTDOOR CONDENSER – Unit provides full A/C capacity with no outdoor condenser (using an evaporative condenser in the exhaust airstream).
    • No site refrigeration work.
    • Refrigerant charge reduction by up to 80%
    • Compact – Mounts underneath NE Series main unit, adds only 18 inches in height. Can be shipped and mounted separately.

    This is a real breakthrough for the industry. Call us now for selections and further information

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