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Split DX pool dehumidifiers have huge refrigerant charges and that is an ugly liability for owners. There are solutions available today that completely make that liability go away. Montgomery County in MD was recently charged $100 per pound for R22. Imagine getting a bill for $10,000.00 to just recharge their 100 lb dehumidifier’s one circuit with refrigerant.  Ouch!

Effective January 1 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires indoor pool owners/managers to formally track and document refrigerant leaks from commercial dehumidifier HVAC systems. Section 608 of the Clean Air Act mandates that when a leak occurs, owners must maintain records including the unit’s location, leak verification test dates, all repaired leak locations, type of verification test used and their results. The purpose is to verify whether a repair was successful and that the leak was addressed, according to an EPA spokesperson. The records must be kept on site in electronic or paper form for a minimum of three years.

In July of 2015 the EPA published a document outlining the phase out plan for all HFCs. R134A and R410A are HFCs.

SerescoIf a customer has an R22 system they are paying dearly anytime they have work done that implicates the refrigerant. Systems with large R410A charges are also expensive and will get worse. Systems being designed today will be implicated by the 410A phase out during their lifespan. It is essential to take steps today to reduce refrigerant related liabilities.

When the indoor pool industry has questions, they turn to Seresco for answers and guidance. We have already published two articles on this subject;  Refrigerant Issue Heats Up and Escalating Costs for Owners of Dehumidifiers Using R22 Refrigerant.

Why is all this important to you?

Because Seresco has the best solution for this issue – a product line that has the lowest refrigerant charges in the industry. No site refrigeration work needed. Reject heat outdoors through a dry cooler.

All Seresco units can be set up to reject heat outdoors to a dry cooler. The NP Series offers up to 85% less refrigerant charge than traditional split DX dehumidifier. This limits future liability on leaks and significantly reduces initial installation costs as well.

As the EPA continues to drive change in policy, Seresco will continue to bring the market products that support environmental stewardship goals while saving owners time and money.

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