Project Snapshot: Gordon College – Pool Dehumidification Unit

Project Name: Gordon College – Bennett Center
Owner: Gordon College
Mechanical Engineer: CSI Engineering
Mechanical Contractor: Merrimack Valley Corp.
Equipment: Pool Dehumidification Unit
Manufacturer: Seresco
Size: 24 Ton Modular 2-compressor 200 Series dehumidifier
DAC Sales Engineer: Craig Ashman

Gordon College – Bennett Center  The Gordon College Bennett Center is a 78,000-square-foot athletics and recreational sports facility. The center was completed in October 1996 and in 1997 won Athletic Business magazine’s Top Ten New Facilities Award for its design and usability.  Incorporated in the center is a Competition Swimming Pool.

The Problem:   The original Poolpak pool dehumidification unit was no longer functioning to dehumidify the pool space.  A new unit was required but space to access the mechanical room was very limited.  The replacement equipment would need to fit through existing access doors.

The Solution:   The replacement equipment was recommended by Seresco.  The manufacturer selected a 24 Ton Modular 2-compressor 200 Series dehumidifier.  This is a really clever concept developed by Seresco.  This ingenious innovation provides twice the dehumidification in the same footprint as a regular unit. It’s a compact, 2-stage system that provides scalable capacity and performance of two complete systems in one, controlled by a single, sophisticated brain.  The best part is that this system can be broken into two separate sections that fit through a 32″ doorway.  This was the answer to a very difficult problem.

Gordon college 020

Additional Features:  

  • Glycol Cooled A/C by a Fluid Cooler –  About 40% of the units Seresco provides use fluid coolers in lieu of Refrigerant Based ACCU’s.  This is a standard product offering in their Protocol Line of Pool Dehumidification Units.  In the Pool Dehumidification Unit Seresco provides a heat exchanger and a pumping package. In the heat exchanger the refrigerant loop dumps the rejected heat to a glycol loop. It is then pumped to the Fluid Cooler on the roof. Piping is PVC from the Pool Dehumidification Unit to the Fluid Cooler. The Fluid Cooler distance can be nearly anything (600 feet is not a problem).
  • WebSentry –  This application was also equipped with WebSentry,  Seresco’s online monitoring, reporting and service optimization tool.  The 24-7 WebSentry monitoring then allows Seresco to remotely monitor over 100 performance parameters of the dehumnidifer using sophisticated algorithms to analyze and identify potential issues and maintenance requirements, long before they become potential problems.

Design Advantages: There are many reasons why this type of application makes a lot of sense.

  • 45 to 171 lbs. per hour of moisture removal and 3,000 to 16,000 CFM of air handling in the absolute smallest footprint possible
  • Seresco model 214, which can actually fit through a 32 inch doorway delivers up to 79 lbs. per hour of moisture 6,800 CFM
  • Fully modular system – 2 compressors, 2 supply air fans, 2 cabinets in one package
  • Can be easily split at the job site into two pieces for retrofit in existing buildings – just a wire harness to connect, no refrigeration piping is affected
  • Can have a single phase 12 ton system
  • 2-sided service access for tight installations
  • Horizontal and Vertical configurations
  • Flexible supply air openings – multiple openings also possible
  • WebSentry® Internet monitoring and control
  • Touch screen CommandCenter® control systems
  • Premium compressor protection
  • Premium corrosion resistance

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