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A Freeze Block Coil is the Best Way to Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage


Cooney Freezeblock Coil

Cooney Freezeblock Coil

Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. Frozen fluid coils can result in severe damage to the coil, system downtime, expensive repairs and/or replacement and in some cases flood damage throughout the building. This is a new coil that we are looking at to help in our custom AHU designs.  The Cooney Freeze Block Coil is designed specifically to protect HVAC coils from freeze-related damages.

Most commercial buildings are equipped with a chilled water loop, which feeds multi-row HVAC chilled water coils. These coils can often have six or more rows of tubes depending on the cooling capacity required, and are subsequently quite expensive to repair or replace.

Although many chilled water coils may not be in use during the winter months, damage can still occur in some cases. Facility procedures may include draining the fluid from chilled water coils when not in use and possibly adding glycol or anti-freeze into the system.

In a perfect world, these chilled water coils would never be exposed to the dangers of freeze conditions. However, a variety of mechanical issues and human shortcomings often come into play that can expose chilled water coils to conditions for which they are not designed.

This is especially prevalent in older systems due to the results of dirty water, leaking valves, steam system/pre-heat issues, failing controls and a variety of damper/louver malfunctions which may occur.

The Cooney Freeze Block chilled water coil has been successful in weathering some of the worst conditions in North America with 100% satisfaction. Actual applications, climate room and wind tunnel testing have proven that this coil can withstand temperatures as low as -74° F.


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