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1.  What is a Desaturation Cooling Coil?

Aerofin Desat Coil
  • A Desaturation Cooling Coil (Desat Coil) really functions like two separate coils.  It combines the aspects of a cooling coil and a reheat coil to cool, dehumidify and reheat the air.  The Desat Coil includes an additional coil row in the leaving air side of the coil, called an “integral re-heat loop.”   The return water passes through the last row providing a couple of degrees of reheat (typically 2-3 degrees).  Pretty simple,  but effective. 
  • The elevated discharge temperature lowers the relative humidity from 100% to 90%, in effect desaturating the air as it leaves the cooling coil.

Desat Coil GraphicWe routinely use desat coils in laboratory or other critical applications in tandem with heat recovery options. We design these applications with the supply fan in a blow-thru position upstream of the energy recovery device (wheel or heat pipe) to minimize the potential of leakage through the device.   In this arrangement, without the supply fan motor heat added downstream of the cooling coil, the desat coil provides an easy way to sensibly raise the leaving air temperature off the cooling coil (usually by 1.5° to 3.0°F).

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