Thermo-Composite Casing Hygienius Construction

Thermo-Composite Casing – Annexair’s Superior Corrosion Resistent Construction

Featuring Annexair’s Thermo-casing, the Hygienius construction represents the best option for healthcare centers, educational institutions, greenhouses, pools and any other buildings requiring corrosion resistance, high quality and hygienic HVAC requirements.

This revolutionary concept offers the best of both worlds:  unsurpassed quality and economical pricing similar to conventional steel units.

Thermo Composite Panel

  • Double-wall polymer core with foam insulation, aluminum skin on both sides, and PVC trim
  • 2-inch thick with R-14 insulation factor
  • Certified foam made of special polystyrene with 30% recycled content
  • Exterior and interior finished with a PVDF 3000 hrs salt-spray resistant coating
  • Monocoque construction to avoid internal mold or mildew grow

View complete brochure here:  HygieniusConstruction Flyer 2018

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