Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | Preliminary Design Questions

Preliminary Design Questions for a Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System:

Dartmouth College Burke Hall - Konvekta System

Dartmouth Burke Hall - Konvekta System

Every energy recovery design starts with a list of questions that should be answered.  If these items are explored and discussed early on it makes for a significantly better design.  There are several distinct advantages in packaged pumped glycol systems from Konvekta.  A key system aspect is that you can take energy from multiple exhaust units and distribute it to multiple supply units.  This is a big part of what makes the system so efficient;  you take the energy from where it is and transfer it to where it is needed. 

Here are the key items that we look for in preliminary design of a Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System:

  1. Project Name: 
  2. Project Location: 
  3. Supply Air
    • AHU Qty: 
    • CFM/ AHU:
    • Outside Air Percentage: 
    • Coil bank size – dimensions if possible, Face Velocity at minimum (500, 400 FPM): 
    • Desired LAT – DB/WB – Summer & Winter: 
    • If providing full heating through energy recovery coil:  Heat source – Hot water or steam, Temperatures available
  4. Exhaust Air
    Konvekta Pumping Skid - 3D

    Konvekta Pumping Skid

    • EAHU Qty: 
    • CFM/ EAHU:
    • Coil bank size – dimensions if possible, Face Velocity at minimum (500, 400 FPM)
    • Exhaust Air Temperatures – DB/WB: 
    • Exhaust quality – What is being exhausted?  Would the coils need a coating?
    • Adiabatic Cooling – would this be an option
  5. General Data
    • Schedule of occupancy  – night setbacks, partial occupancy, summer shutdowns, etc.
    • Utility Rates – average $/KWh, $/BTU heating, etc
    • Glycol – Ethylene or propylene

The more complete the information,  the better the analysis.  In this preliminary phase we like to come up with a payback analysis for the project.  That’s always a starting point with any energy recovery application.

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