Project Snapshot: Pfizer Blackfan | High Plume Dilution Fans

Project Name:

Pfizer, Inc., Center for Therapeutic Innovation, 18th Floor


Tsoi / Kobus & Associates

Mechanical Engineer:

AHA Consulting Engineers

Mechanical Contractor: 

J.C. Higgins


Strobic Air


High Plume Dilution Fans


Dual Plenum – 2 Fans at 12,000 CFM Each

DAC Sales Engineer:

Jim Shiminski

Project Highlights:             

Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fans - Pfizer BlackfanOvercoming Space Constraints:  This was one of the final exhaust fan installations on the Blackfan Building in downtown Boston.  There was very little room to place the fan system on the building.  The Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fan System was selected to minimize the overall system footprint. 

Height requirements:  To match existing system stacks on the roof the overall height of the system needed to be 26′ 6″.  Stack extensions and supports needed to be added to make this happen.Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fans - Pfizer Blackfan

Rigging Challenge:  The rig to the roof was complicated (usually is with a 20 story building in downtown Boston).  There was no practical way to get the system on the roof with a conventional crane.  The fans were helicopter lifted to the roof on a weekend to facilitate installation.  Several coordination meetings and pre-staging the lifts help make this a very smooth rig.

Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fans - Pfizer BlackfanStrobic Air Tri-Stack Fans - Pfizer BlackfanStrobic Air Tri-Stack Fans - Pfizer Blackfan

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