Project Snapshot: Lawrence Memorial Hospital | Custom Air Handling Unit

Project:Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Mechanical Engineer:Thompson Consultants, Inc.
Mechanical Contractor:Fraser Engineering
Manufacturer:Air Eenterprises
Equipment:Custom Air Handling Unit
Size:65,000 CFM Unit
DAC Sales Engineer:Steve Shelley

Project Highlights:    

Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Unit ShotConstraints: 
The existing air handling units in the mechanical room that served the hospital and OR suites had exceeded their useful life and needed to be replaced.  The hospital could not shut down operations for a retrofit of the existing units in place.

A new Air Enterprises Custom Air Handling Unit with a service vestibule was located on a roof curb above the existing mechanical room.   A service vestibule was provided for accessibility and serviceability for a roof mounted piece of equipment.  The service vestibule contained all the piping as well as the electrical panels, VFDs and control panels.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Unit Shot-1Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Unit Shot-2All the piping was factory installed and insulated.  This reduced the amount of field labor required to install the unit.  It also limited the amount of time to cut over the new unit and integrate it into the existing systems.  The piping was fully coordinated at the factory to maximize service space within the corridor.

After the new Custom Air Handling Unit was operational the existing units were decommissioned on a phased schedule to minimize impact on the hospital’s operation.

The unit was all aluminum construction to provide the maximum life for a roof top mounted piece of equipment.  Air Enterprises provided a 40 year casing guarantee.

 Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Vestibule PipingLawrence Memorial Hospital - Vestibule Piping





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