Project Snapshot: 60 State Street – Field Erected AHU


Project Name: 60 State Street – 10th Floor, Boston
 Architect: Dyer Brown Architects
Mechanical Engineer: C3 Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc.
Mechanical Contractor: Northeast Mechanical
Equipment: Custom Field Erected Air Handling Unit
Manufacturer: Custom Air Solutions by Cambridgeport
Size: 25,000 CFM
DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman

David & Harry – DAC’s Best Site Supervision Team

Project Overview:

The new Arup offices located at 60 State Street, 10th Floor are the first to be certified for a new healthy building certification called WELL which overlaps with a number of requirements for LEED-certified environmentally friendly buildings aimed at reducing a building’s greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy consumption.  There are seven new projects in Massachusetts being designed to be WELL certified.

Natural and indirect lighting, materials, work areas, sound, food and snack choices, and HVAC all get special attention with features necessary for a more healthy work environment.  Studies prove newly remodeled office space such as this greatly increase productivity and decrease absenteeism by placing more attention (and cost) on building considerations. Read Boston Sunday Globe article.

The existing unit was very old and rusted but compact and squeezed into the mechanical space and ducts.  The new unit occupies the same footprint but the Arup Fit-out also called for more air for improved ventilation.

The 25,000 cfm unit was designed to be 100% Knock Down construction.  It was taken up the elevator in pieces and completely built in the mechanical room by the Northeastern Mechanical team with Cambridgeport supervision.  Per the WELL standard, the new unit has Pre and MERV 13 filtration, and UVC lighting was also deployed on the cooling coil to prevent any bacterial growth.   The unit also has 3 ECM fans which do not require any VFD.


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