Pool Unit Design: WebSentry – 24/7 Factory Monitoring

Dave Lucas, President and Co-Founder Seresco Technologies Inc. presents WebSentry –  24/7 Factory Monitoring & Protection.   This is an awesome feature.  In today’s world,  if we can remotely turn on and off our home HVAC system, why can’t we connect factories directly with their equipment?   The technology is coming;  these guys are way ahead of the curve.  This is cool.


Why WebSentry Technology?

  • Peak Performance – because with WebSentry, the same engineers who designed and built your dehumidifier can remotely observe, control and fine tune its performance during and after installation with control of over 100 critical functions
  • 24-7 Remote Monitoring – WebSentry allows our servers to remotely monitor, record and analyze your dehumidifier performance every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide real time online data access for operators and authorized service technicians
  • Remote System Control – allows authorized technicians and service experts to remotely view and change performance parameters in real time via any internet connected device, including smart phones
  • Performance Trouble Alerts – provide instant email alerts to key personal to should any system parameters not conform to performance expectations
  • Maintenance Reminders – help ensure scheduled maintenance to maximize performance, boost energy savings and provide the absolute lowest overall cost of ownership of any dehumidifier in the industry

Design Materials:
Link to WebSentry Web Page
WebSentry Technology Brochure
Seresco’s Natatorium Design Guide
Pool Design Checklist

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