Oil Free Chillers are Smardt

Why Oil in Chillers is Old School

Oil as a lubricant in a chiller makes for a significantly more complicated machine.  There is a complete system that is designed and maintained to allow oil to lubricate a chiller.

Check out this video which explains how the oil needs to supplied and maintained in a typical chiller.

Wow, that’s a pretty complicated system that creates significantly more maintenance requirements and possibilities of chiller failure.

Get Rid of Oil, Get Rid of Problems

Magnetic bearing, oil-free centrifugal compressors avoid significant maintenance and fail points.

Oil-free centrifugal compressor technology boosts energy efficiency, cuts operating costs and is now well-proven worldwide.

Smardt oil-free centrifugal compressors use magnetic bearings and variable-speed drive to deliver a quantum leap in IPLV efficiencies compared with conventional oil-lubricated centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors.

The totally oil-free Turbocor technology achieves the highest part-load efficiencies for chillers and chilled water systems (including water-, air- and evaporatively-cooled applications).

Proprietary magnetic bearings replace conventional oil-lubricated bearings, eliminating high friction losses, mechanical wear and high-maintenance oil management systems to deliver chiller energy savings of 35 percent and more over conventional chillers while ensuring long-term reliability.

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