Konvekta Reduces Energy Consumption up to 80%!


High-Efficiency Run Around Energy Recovery Systems Reducing Energy Consumption up to 80%!

FIRST there were glycol run around loops
40% efficiency
THEN came plate and frame heat exchangers
60% efficiency
NEXT came heat recovery wheels
70% efficiency

NOW, high-efficiency energy recovery coils

Konvketa guarantees the amount of energy recovered!







Revolutionary Benefits

  • No Cross-Contamination of Intake and Exhaust Air
  • Unrestricted Location of Intake and Exhaust
  • Reduced Heating and Cooling Load by first getting a proper furnace repair.
  • Existing HVAC-Systems Can be Retrofitted

Recent Success Story

A client could not meet energy code requirements with their current design. Konvekta worked with this client to not only meet the energy code, but the new design will also save them over $800,000 per year on a 600,000 CFM outside air system! It does everything a regular HVAC system would do, except that it does it with less energy. If you unfortunately cannot get this system or a similar one and you notice that your heating system has started to malfunction, then make sure that you contact a professional heating contractor.

Without Heat Recovery Konvekta Savings
Heating $640,000 $40,000 $600,000
Cooling $960,000 $725,000 $235,000

Annual Savings = $835,000

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