Highest Performance in the Smallest Space — Konvekta’s New Generation System Controller Eiger

Energy Efficiency at its Peak!

System performance and energy recovery rates of 70-90% are achieved with the new generation “Eiger” System Controller!

The special design of Konvekta’s high-performance coils with headers on both sides of the coil ensures cross-counter flow and achieves almost pure counter current. This is a prerequisite for high energy efficiency in energy recovery systems. At the same time, this minimizes coil depth and saves space in the air handler.

Recent developments in computing technology have made simulations of complex operating systems both possible and affordable. The latest generation system controller “Eiger” uses the most advanced technology making it the perfect solution for high performance run-around energy recovery systems (RAERS). The “Eiger” controller is specifically ideal for the complexity of multi-functional network systems. The “Eiger” provides continuous automatic operation
of the system as well as continuous efficiency monitoring. Based on actual operating conditions, the “Eiger” will continuously calculate optimal system settings to maximize efficiency. The “NOMINAL” values are compared to actual measured values and all deviations are reported. Only the comparison of the “NOMINAL” value with the actual measured value will determine if the system is running optimally.

System Controller “Eiger” uses Performance Maps of Heat Recovery Coils

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