High Plume Dilution Fans | Introducing the Strobic Air Smart Fan Control System


Strobic Air introduces Smart Fan controls for their Tri-Stack Fan Systems



 Strobic Air now provides a controller, called Smart Fan, for their systems to manage all variable flows. It will send signals to VFDs, Bypass dampers and Isolation Dampers to manage for optimum system flow and energy use.  We have been including it in all of our multiple fan systems.

Strobic Air - Smart Fan System ScreenThe Smart Fan will offer the following;

  • complete fan control systems that maximize energy savings by staging fans and controlling VFD
  • systems that can turn down fan speed to maintain stack height to match current wind speeds
  • vibration monitoring that tells the owner way before a fan fails (optional)

Contact us to learn more or visit the Strobic Air’s Site for further information on the Smart Fan System.




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