Custom Air Handling Units | 5 Reasons to use Custom Air Handling Units

Lowell General - Air Enterprises Unit AssemblyCustom Air Handling Units (AHU’s) 

Here’s a look at why engineers and owners choose to use them.

  1. Quality:  Custom Air Handling Units are built to last longer.  They have significantly better fit and finish.  Units fabricated from all aluminum bases and casings, like those from Air Enterprises, have a similar life as a building (50 or more years versus about 20 years for standard packaged equipment). 
  2.  Higher Pressures:  Custom units are built to handle higher pressures; hence, in applications that may involve multiple filters and higher pressure requirements, they are preferred.
  3. Lowest Life Cycle Cost:  Custom AHU’s usually have larger cross sections which allow for larger more efficient fan and component sizes.  Optimal equipment sizing provides the most energy efficient designs and lowest life cycle costs.  Paybacks of 2-5 years are typical over standard packaged equipment. 
  4. Component Selection:  With a custom unit,  both owner and engineer have a choice of component equipment (fans, filters, coils, humidifiers, etc).  Equipment standardized across a building or company can be included in a custom unit.  These choices are typically not available with standard packaged units.
  5. Easier Maintenance:  Custom Air Handling Units provide service access panels to allow for removal of coils and fans thereby allowing quick and ease of servicing over the life of the unit.  They are built with more section space to allow for maintenance access.  Maintenance on custom units is significantly easier. 

Lowell General - Air Enterprises End ViewCustom AHU’s have a longer useful life, require less energy, and are more reliable and serviceable.   In 24/7 applications we have seen simple paybacks around 2-5 years when compared to conventional AHU’s.

Typical for Custom Air Handling Units: 

Construction Features:
    Precision Built Construction (All-Aluminum construction preferred)
    Structural, Low-Leakage Casing
    Structural Unit Base with Fully Welded Floors
    Tight-Sealing, Easy Open Access Doors

Lowell General - Air Enterprises Piping AccessComponent Features:
    High quality energy recovery components
    Industrial, High Efficiency Fans
    Premium Performance Motors
    Enhanced Coil Features
    Industrial Grade, Low-Leakage Dampers
    Structural Filter Assemblies

At DAC Sales we have designed and provided custom air handling units for hundreds of applications throughout New England.  Contact us for more information.

If you have any Air Handling Unit questions,  feel free to Ask Rick.

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