Custom Air Handling Units | 4 Reasons to use Direct Drive Fans

We do our best to design the most Energy Efficient HVAC systems.  If possible,  we will always pick a Direct Drive Fan over a Belt Driven Fan for a Custom Air Handling Unit. 

Here are 4 Reasons why we choose Direct Drive Fans:Air Enterprises Stacked Fan Set

  1. Energy Savings:  Eliminating drive losses from the belt and pulley can improve mechanical efficiency by up to 5%.  
  2. Lower Maintenance:  A direct drive fan requires minimal maintenance.  The routine maintenance of lubrication and belt tensioning is eliminated.
  3. Motor Longevity:  By nature of design, Direct Drive Fans must be controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).  The controller acts as a soft start, greatly reducing the stress on the motor, and in turn minimizes the risk of motor failure. 
  4. Low Noise Level:  Much of the noise in ventilation units is created by the moving belts.  Without a belt, the sound level is frequently lowered by 3-9 dBA.  As a Direct Drive Fansresult, sound attenuation components can be smaller, and in some cases can be eliminated.  Smaller sound attenuators decrease the degree of static pressure drops. Savings are in both initial installation cost and in improved system efficiency

There are other reasons to use Direct Drive Fans in HVAC applications but these are the most common.  Be aware that Direct Drive Fans should also be used in standard packaged air handling units for the same reasons. 

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