Ask Rick: Lab Exhaust Fans | What Standards to reference for Lab Exhaust Fan design?

Q.  I am designing a lab exhaust system and using Strobic fans. What standards, both ASHRAE and otherwise, should I be using as a reference?

High Plume Dilution Fans

A.   Below are a list of standards related to laboratories and laboratory ventilation:

  • NFPA-45 – Fire Protection for laboratories
  • UL 705 – standard for Power Ventilators in accordance with the National Electrical Code and NFPA 70 (electrical safety)
  • ANSI Z9.5 – Laboratory ventilation guide
  • ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide
  • ANSI / AMCA Standard 204-05 – Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans
  • IBC – International Building Code
  • ASCE 7-05 – Minimum Design Loads for Building and Other Structures. Seismic design criteria are found here.
  • ASHRAE Standard 110 – Testing Laboratory Fume Hoods.
  • AMCA 210 – Standard for fan performance testing
  • AMCA 260 – Standard for entrained air testing
  • AMCA 300 – Standard for fan sound testing
  • SMACNA – Duct design standards

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