What’s so special about Konvekta?

We have represented Konvekta for nearly eight years now.  In that time, we have designed and delivered over 34 separate projects.  We have supplied Konvekta equipment to a very impressive User Group including key owners like UMass Medical, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, Novartis and Millipore.

In those eight years, there have been some key reasons why owners ask for, and mechanical engineers specify, Konvekta.

What’s so special about Konvekta?

Here is what we know is true.

  • Energy Savings – Konvekta systems achieve 75 to 90% effectiveness.
  • Flexibility – Konvekta systems provide more design flexibility than any other energy recovery device.
  • Safety – Konvekta systems are the safest possible option in any critical exhaust environments.
  • Sole Responsibility – Konvekta supplies the entire package.  They manufacturer their own coils, pump packages and controls.
  • Exceed Code Requirements –  Konvekta systems are the only pumped glycol energy recovery system that will meet the new minimum efficiencies in the revised ASHRAE code.
  • Complete Control Package –  Konvekta provides a complete control package on every project.  The Konvekta control system makes sure system data is recorded, analyzed, and available for factory and customer review.
  • GUARANTEE – Konvekta is the only manufacturer that guarantees Energy Savings.  They monitor the system to make sure that it meets or exceeds the guaranteed energy recovery efficiency.  if the system falls short they guarantee to pay the difference to the owner.




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