VAV Diffusers | 5 Reasons why each Therma-Fuser has a Thermostat

Each Therma-Fuser VAV Diffuser has it’s own separate thermostat.  Each acts as an individual zone of control. 

Why a Thermostat is in each Therma-Fuser and not on the wall?

  1. Acutherm Therma-Fuser

    Acutherm Therma-Fuser

    Space temperature set points can be personalized to satisfy each occupant.
  2. Personalized temperature selections of the occupant remain set because the adjustment is out of the way from tampering by any visitor or passerby. 
  3. Average space temperature at both high and low air flow is better sensed at the Therma-Fuser location.   A wall thermostat typically does a poor job sensing the average room temperature. 
  4. Open office can be zoned without creating walls on which to locate thermostats. 
  5. Decisions about who has the thermostat and who goes either hot or cold are eliminated.

Therma-Fusers are made by Acutherm,  a US based company in Hayward California. 

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