Harvard University Biology Lab HVAC Upgrade | Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System

Project Name: Harvard University Biology Lab HVAC Upgrade
Architect: Perkins & Will
Mechanical Engineer: Rist-Frost Shumway Engineering
Mechanical Contractor: J.C. Higgins
Equipment: Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery System and High Plume Laboratory Dilution Fans
Manufacturer: KonvektaMK Plastics
Size: 144,000 CFM
DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman

Project Overview:

This project replaces the Biolabs’ aged HVAC infrastructure with new energy-efficient systems capable of meeting the needs of a modern biological lab for years to come.  The major mechanical spaces of the building were consolidated into a centralized mechanical room on the 5th floor, and new air intake, exhaust fans, and horizontal duct distribution were installed at the roof level.  The replacement of existing systems were phased over a two year period to minimize disruption to research activities throughout the building.  A high performance pumped glycol system was deployed that included a snow melt coil in the OA plenum.


Hydronic Module with 2 pumps on VFDs and 2 plate and frame heat exchangers


Snow melt coils

MK Plastics Laboratory dilution fans

The pumped glycol system as the Basis of Design was provided by Konvekta.  The air handlers include a reheat coil by Konvekta supplied with a 3-way control valve to reheat the air and provide humidity control.   Liquid temperature probes and liquid control valves were included in the Konvekta system.

While the system design is over 90% effective in Winter Recovery, the hydronic module also included a pair of tube and shell HW heat exchangers which allowed the Konvekta glycol ER loop to meet all the heating needs of the building.

Konvekta screen shot at startup

Featured Manufacturer:

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