SMARDT Chillers win Energy Award at Citizens Bank Data Center, Medford MA

Citizen Bank Data Center, Medford, Massachusetts

SMARDT, Danfoss Turbocor & Southern Air Win Association of Energy Engineers Award for Citizens Bank Installation

The New England Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) recently announced its 2007 Energy Awards Projects. Among the award winners were Southern Air and Citizens Bank for the Citizens Bank data center project in Medford, Massachusetts.

The project achieved multiple goals including:

1) An enticing electric utility rate being available if the data center could be switched over to in-house emergency generator power controlled by the utility company during peak demand periods.
2) The customer wanted to be able to lower condenser water temperatures under light load conditions, to significantly reduce energy consumption.
3) By reducing overall energy consumption, the owner would realize financial benefits of utility rebates and reduced electric power costs, and thereby offset the project cost.

  • Benefits:
  • Improved Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Superior Energy Savings
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Built In Redundancy
  • Total Cost of Ownership

The facility’s existing chillers were replaced with two 90 ton SMARDT brand chillers that utilize Turbocor oil-free, variable speed, centrifugal compressors. Because Turbocor compressors draw less than 2 amps at startup (rather than a typical in-rush current of 300-400 amps), they are very compatible with the emergency generator application. No in-rush current greatly reduced the generator capacity that would otherwise be needed. Furthermore, the oil-free compressor design enhances operation at the lower condensing pressures that can be achieved as oil return is no longer an issue. This provides extremely efficient operation at low load conditions, where the chillers will operate most of the time.

Featured Manufacturers:
SMARDT specializing in using Turbocor compressors in its full line of water and air cooled chillers for commercial and industrial applications.

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