Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery | What’s so special about Konvekta?

Konvekta Pumped Glycol CoilTwo years ago Rick McGinley and I were contacted by Rudolf Zaengerle from KonvektaKonvekta had done research and had singled out DAC Sales as the firm to represent them in New England.

Rick and I were not convinced that Pumped Glycol Run Around loops were viable.  They had always been our least favorite means of air to air energy recovery.  Traditional Glycol Energy Recovery had efficiencies near 45% in design;  and 40% after pumping costs were included.  That’s on paper.  When they got installed and were not maintained we saw even worse results.  Needless to say, not our first choice in energy recovery.

We agreed to meet with Rudolf at the Boston Airport Hilton (we made him pay for lunch).  We let him know right up front that we were not big fans of Pumped Glycol Loops.  We needed to be sold.

Konvekta Pumpd Glycol Pumping PackageWhat’s so special about Konvekta?

We are sold.  Here is what we know is true.

  • Konvekta specializes in pumped glycol energy recovery systems.  That’s all they do.
  •  They are based in Switzerland and have been in business for over 60 years, doing only pumped glycol energy recovery systems.
  • Last year their sales were over $60 million.
  • Konvekta supplies the entire package.  They make their own coils, pump packages and controls.
  • The reason they are so successful is they are able to achieve 65-75% effectiveness with glycol loop systems and they guarantee the savings.   That’s right, they guarantee the savings.
  • The Konvekta system is the only pumped glycol energy recovery system that will meet the new minimum efficiencies in the revised ASHRAE code.

We have represented Konvekta for two years.  We have systems being installed at;  Dartmouth College, Mass State Dept. of Public Health, Hudson Valley Community College and VA Medical Center Jamaica Plain.  Contact Us for more information on Konvekta.

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