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konvektaKonvekta is the only supplier of high efficiency pumped glycol run-around energy recovery systems in the world.  They have been in the business of pumped glycol energy recovery  since 1949.  That’s all they do.  Konvekta offers complete systems – high performance heat exchangers, energy recovery system controls and hydraulic assembly.

Konvekta Pumped Glycol CoilThe Konvekta coil design is unlike all others – it is truly a high performance heat exchanger.  Prior to using this coil we would select standard water coils for all pumped glycol applications.  They were the best choice we had.  

There are issues involved in selecting standard water coils for glycol heat recovery applications

  • Standard water coils always get selected for a degree day that is worst case scenario and never happens.  Standard coils are not optimized for the temperatures that they are actually working at.  
  • Standard water coils are generally 8 rows or greater so pressure drops are significant. 
  • Decreasing flow through a standard water coil with a variable frequency drive (which would optimize heat transfer) , is not possible.  As velocity of glycol slows and becomes partially or completely laminar, the heat transfer coefficient drops significantly. 
  • Bottom Line – Standard water coils are not designed for Pumped Glycol Energy Recovery Applications


Konvekta Coil - Dartmouth College Burke Hall

Konvekta Coil - Dartmouth College Burke Hall

Konvekta  High Efficiency Heat Exchanger


  • Fin-tube heat exchanger with header at both ends 
  • Optimized Fin Design – thick, flat, wide-spaced fins
  • Selected for optimal temperature performance range (not a single point)
  • Corrosion protected


  • Almost pure counter-flow for highest energy transfer
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Fin Design provides high heat-transfer factors
  • Dual Headers create a high glycol Reynolds number to assure turbulent flow under all operating conditions
  • Design offers a very small air-to-glycol approach temperature difference to maximize heat transfer
  • Entire depth of coil accessible for cleaning
Konvekta Coils - Dartmouth College Burke Hall

Konvekta Coils - Dartmouth College Burke Hall

The biggest design features that achieve these benefits are headers on both ends of the coil and thick, flat, wide-spaced fins.  This coil is typically  10% more efficient than a standard water coil when used in run-around energy recovery applications.

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