Project Snapshot: High Plume Dilution Fans | Odor Control

Project Type: Regional Paper Company
Project Application: Odor Remediation
Equipment: High Plume Dilution Fan
Size: 10,000 CFM at 2.5″ SP
Manufacturer: Strobic Air
DAC Sales Engineer: David Goodman

Project Highlights:             

Strobic Air - Tri-Stack Fan - Dilution Diagram

Mixed-flow impeller fans reduce odors through direct dilution.

The Problem:  One of the neighbors on the hill above the paper manufacturing plant claimed to be smelling the chemicals being exhausted from the plant.  While nobody else could detect any odor,  including myself, the neighbor threatened legal action.  Of particular concern was the bleach and sodium bi-sulfate used in tanks to color the paper. Each tank has existing stainless steel duct which runs through the roof to an old belt drive fan set.                                                                                                     

The Solution: Wanting to be a good neighbor,  the paper company took a pro-active approach.  Through internet research of dilution fans the owner found Strobic Air and contacted DAC Sales.  DAC Sales made a visit to the site to review the application.  A single Model TS-3 Tri-Stack high plume dilution fan was selected to provide a dilution ratio of 400 + %.   A corner location of the building was selected to support the fan weight (3,200 #s) and to provide a convenient location for existing duct run into the side of the plenum. 

Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fan - Odor ControlStrobic Air Tri-Stack Fan - Odor Control







Other Features: Sound attenuation was also implemented for this project.  The paper company didn’t want to create a noise problem while correcting for an odor issue.  Therefore an Integral Silencer Nozzle was selected and provided.  To conserve energy, a VFD and bypass air control was provided to manipulate the fans output based on processes and/or prevailing winds.  To facilitate motor change-out, a device was built to facilitate a nozzle and motor removal.  A simple 20 ft long pipe with boom was attached to the structural frame of the system by a hinged plate.  This provided an easy means to lift the motor and drop it to the lower roof level.
Blog Post by David Goodman

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