Project Snapshot: Custom Air Handling Units | Portland International Jetport

Project Name: Portland International Jetport – Terminal Expansion
Location: Portland, Maine
Architect: Gensler
Mechanical Engineer: AMEC (formerly OEST)
Contractor: Turner Construction Company
Manufacturer: Air Enterprises
Equipment: Custom Rooftop Air Handling Units 
Size: (1) 70,000 CFM unit, (1) 98,000 CFM unit 
DAC Sales Engineer:  Pat Will

Portland Jetport - Air Enterprises Units

Project Highlights

City of Portland was adding a 145,000sqft terminal expansion to the Jetport, to create 4 new gates and improve the efficiency and flow of passenger services for the whole airport.

Project includes two large outdoor custom all aluminum air handling units, located side by side with central access off a common elevated steel walkway.  The AHU’s sit in an open-air roof pocket to save project costs, with fresh air drawn in from the sides and relief air for both units onto the common walkway.  Although the project was spec’ed for galvanized units, Air Enterprises was able to win the job with their all-aluminum construction, providing a higher quality product with a 40-year non-corrosion warranty. 

The units are loaded with many high quality value-added features which are standard for Air Enterprises:

  1. Portland Jetport Air Enterprises AHUsSupply plenum fans were provided with acoustic diffusers, which not only reduce the sound output from the fans but also boost efficiency by 3%
  2. Cooling coils are installed above the drain pans for easy removal, and so that drain pipes can leave the unit above the base rail and not compromise the unit structure
  3. Units are provided with 20yr warranty white TPO roofing membrane, with perimeter rain gutters with welded downspouts
  4. Superior base flashing detail: a mounting bracket is provided for the roofer to bring the roof membrane up over the bottom of the base rail and secure it, and aluminum flashing is factory provided to slip into a groove above the base rail and extend down below the unit/curb interface
  5. All components are raised up off the floor and Portland Jetport Air Enterprises AHUsattached by welded joints only, to provide a cleaner washable floor area and so there are no holes in the floors for potential air or water leakage. 

The units are also provided with UV lights for the cooling coils, something the owner feels is essential for minimizing maintenance and operating costs over the life of the units.

 Questions on Custom Air Handling Units:  askRick?

Portland Jet Port - Steril-Aire UVC Install

Portland Jet Port - Steril-Aire UVC Install

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