Project Snapshot: BU Photonics | Strobic Lab Exhaust Fan – Upgrade

Project Overview:

The Boston University Photonics Center is a building and research center owned by Boston University. The 10-floor 235,000 sq ft (21,800 m2) building opened in June 1997, finished at a cost of $78.4 million. The center specializes in developing and commercializing new products for the photonics industry, spanning the fields of biomedical engineering, nanoscience, physics, astronomy, and chemistry.

Strobic Air Tri-Stack Fan Systems were an integral part of the original design.  Two separate systems were provided in the design.

Project Name: Boston University Photonics Center
Mechanical Engineer: Engineered Solutions Inc.
General Contractor: Austin Services
Equipment: High Plume Dilution Fan Systems
Manufacturer: Strobic Air / Cambridgeport Air Systems
Size: Two 68,000 CFM Systems
DAC Sales Contact: David Goodman

BU-Photonics – Original

Original System Challenges:

  • The expansion of labs over the past 15 years required the Stand-by fan to be run on each 4 fan set.  Additional capacity was needed.
  • 1 of the 8 motors had been replaced requiring a crane pick, and the others nearing the end of their life.
  • The original plenum was also showing its age and was a painted Galv single wall and Isolation dampers were in-operable or leaking.
  • Original fan sets were run at full speed at all times.


New System Highlights:

BU Photonics - Upgrade

BU Photonics – Upgrade

  • The new fan systems are on VFDs and again maintain the building with 3 fans running at less than 50 Hz and saving energy.
  • Fans are self-supported with in-line sound attenuators to be very close to original height above roof line.
  • The new double wall plenum was locally made by CAS Custom Air Solutions with Aluminum skin and SS liner.
  • The new plenum design also features a removable gantry crane attachment designed to lift and move nozzle and silencer for motor service, should it ever be required.


If you have questions about the application,  feel free to ask us.





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