Project Snapshot: Boston College – Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Project Name: Boston College,  Higgins Hall
Location: Chestnut Hill, MA
Mechanical Engineer: BR + A
Manufacturer: AQUIS
Equipment: Custom Indoor Air Handling Unit Refurbishment 



Boston College - BeforeHiggins Hall is a science and research building on the main campus at Boston College, home to over 20,000  students in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Their built-up air handling units, manufactured by Haakon Industries, had significant corrosion on the chamber floors and walls, resulting in holes that could potentially cause damaging water leaks in the building. Boston College selected AQUIS to refurbish the interior of six large units because they wanted to extend the life of the air handlers with a fully compliant and cost effective system.


Boston College - AfterAQUIS installed its engineered coating systems on the chamber floors, walls, ceilings, and fan housings.

  • Chamber floors were completely sealed to eliminate potential water leaks and restore structure.
  • Installation was completed with minimal down time, zero VOCs, and did not require the removal of existing equipment.
  • The building’s AHUs are now fully compliant with NFPA 90A and the fire code (ASTM E84 25/50).
  • The system now has the benefit of an antimicrobial surface to eliminate bacterial/fungal growth.

Owner Comment

“Rather than incur the cost and delays of installing new air handlers or replacing floors, we did the research and found AQUIS.  Our system is now fully compliant for a fraction of the cost of replacement.”     Richard Hoy, Facilities Manager Research Zone,  Boston College

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