Pool Dehumidification | Pool Load Data Sheet

Pool Image-1Pool dehumidification unit replacement is a large and growing business.  Pool environments are very harsh and mechanical dehumidification systems have a typical lifespan of about 10 years.  Building owners looking to replace equipment typically can provide model numbers, CFM capacities and like information.  That is all good but it’s always important to start fresh on each project.  We can never assume that the system was sized correctly the first time around.

There are certain fundamental questions we ask in order to determine the right size Pool Dehumidification Unit.  Here’s a list that we always start with:

Pool Load Data Sheet

Key answers like pool and space sizing along with temperatures are the most critical inputs.  Other items may not even be available and can be estimated in preliminary design. Once this data is collected the pool dehumidification unit can be correctly sized.

Resources Available:  Pool Load Data Sheet

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